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Chrome Door Handle Cover Sets Fits Golf 5 [2004-2009] [4-Door]

Chrome Door Handle Cover Sets Fits Golf 5 [2004-2009] [4-Door]

The product is stainless steel chrome plated and with pre-installed adhesion tape on the back of the item. This item is very easy to apply to your vehicle. It gives your car a stylish look and protects your vehicle's door handles from scuffs and scratches.

It's compatible with;

  • VW Volkswagen Golf 4 IV 1998-2004 model years
  • VW Volkswagen Bora 1998-2004 model years
  • VW Volkswagen Golf 5 V HB 2004-2009 model years
  • VW Volkswagen Passat 3B Saloon Estate 1996-2005 model years
  • VW Volkswagen Lupo 1999-2006 model years
  • VW Volkswagen Polo 2003-2007 model years
  • Audi A2 2000-2005 model years
  • Skoda Octavia 2001-2007 model years
  • Skoda SuperB 2002-2007 model years
  • Seat Cordoba 6L 2000-2009 model years
  • Seat Ibiza 6L 2000-2009 model years
  • Seat Toledo 1999-2005 model years
  • Seat Altea 2004-2006 model years
  • Seat Leon 1M 1998-2005 model years


You can always message us to make sure the item fits your vehicle or leaving a feedback.


Fitting Instructions:

Clean: We always recommend buyers to clean the surface before applying the item.

Weather: Best results will be obtained at room temperature. If the parts or the surface are cold, it is advisable to warm them with a hair dryer or something similar.

Trial: Make sure to try on the item without removing the tape. Remember, you only have one shot to stick it on.

Apply Pressure: After applying the item and making sure it's in the correct position, apply considerable pressure, pushing down uniformly on the surface for at least one minute.

Take a Breath: Once the part is on, to do not immediately pull back to test the adhesion.



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