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Chrome Car Rear Trunk Tailgate Lid Cover Fits Mokka [2013+]

Chrome Car Rear Trunk Tailgate Lid Cover Fits Mokka [2013+]

The product is stainless steel and double sided 3M tapes are used to adhere the item onto the car. It gives your car a stylish look and protects the bottom edge of your trunk door from dent and scratches. This item is very easy to apply to your vehicle with pre-installed adhesion tape on the back of the item.

Suitable for;

  • Vauxhall/Opel Mokka 2013 onwards model years 

Fitting Instructions:

Clean We always recommend buyers to clean the surface before applying the item.

Weather Best results will be obtained at room temperature. If the parts or the surface are cold, it is advisable to warm them with a hair dryer or something similar.

Trial Make sure to try on the item without removing the tape. Remember, you only have one shot to stick it on.

Apply Pressure After applying the item and making sure it's in the correct position, apply considerable pressure, pushing down uniformly on the surface for at least one minute.

Take a Breath Once the part is on, to do not immediately pull back to test the adhesion. The double sided tape will only achieve complete bonding within 36-48 hours.

Extra Measures On parts that hard to stick on (like door handle covers and mirror covers), it might be best to apply a small amount of silicone to aid with the adhesion. Several dots between the strips should suffice.

Removal of Existing Accesssories When removing old accessories, we advise heat since it will decrease the adhesive properties of the tape. A hot air gun will be the best option but hair dryer would be alright as well.



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